Two Weeks Epi Info Advance Training Course for MPH Residents was successfully conducted from Sunday, 22nd February 2015. This course is part of the MPH course unit "Epidemiologic applications of computers". The main objective of the course is to build essential skills of the residents for managing Epidemiological Research Data in an efficient way.
What is Epi Info™?
Epi Info is statistical software for handling epidemiological  
research data. The software is designed and developed by  
Center for Disease Control and Prevention Atlanta, USA. Epi  
Info is a key component in public health education at  
colleges, universities, and other schools of public health  
around the world.

It has been estimated that Epi Info software is being used  
in more than 181 countries of the world and  there are more  
than one million users of Epi Info worldwide. Various  
translation of this software is also available and at present  
this software is transaled in more than 13 diffenet  

Epi Info software is not a new software. It has a history of  
more than 25 years. The first verion of this software was  
released in 1985. It was DOS based version according to the  
available operating system at that time. First Windows  
version was released in Year 2000. Epi Info-7 is the Latest  
release of Epi Info from CDC. This is one of the major  
enhancements over its previous version of Epi Info 3.5.3  
with a totally new platform and many new features.
Epi Info Training by FETP
The Training and Development Section of Field Epidemiology Training Program  
(FETP) has designed five days short training courses on Basic and Advanced  
Data Management using Epi Info 3.5.x and Epi Info-7 software. These training  
courses are mainly for the employees of Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi  
Arabia, focusing mainly on the public health professionals with main objective  
to enhance the skills of the participants for Health Data Mangement and  
Analysis. FETP, in collaboration with the Traning Department of the Ministry of  
Health is conducting these courses in different regions of the Kingdom since  
In the Year 2013, a series of six training courses were approved by the Training  
Department of the Ministry of Health for the regions of Najran, Asir, Qasim,  
Baha, Taif and Riyadh. For the year 2014, four training courses were approved  
for the regions of Madinah, Jeddah, Al-Ahsa and Al-Khubar. All courses were  
successfully conducted. New courses for the year 2015 are being planned for  
other regions of the Kingdom. The schedule for these will be announced after  
formal approval from the Training department of MOH.
Epi Info Training Courses for the Year 2015
Sno Region From To Status
1- Makkah 8th Feb 12th Feb Concluded
2- Hafr-ul-Batin 5th April 9th April Concluded
3- Jeddah 3rd May 7th May Postponed
4- Abha 17th May 21st May Postponed
5- Qassim 18th Oct 22nd Oct Postponed
6- Jeddah 8th Nov 12th Nov Postponed
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